Frequently asked questions

Q. How does online jury research work?
A. LookingGlass Juries conducts all jury research in a secure online environment using the latest web technology. Working closely with our team of experts, you select the jurisdiction, the number of jurors, and the demographic profiles of each person. We recruit the panel based on that information. Instead of traveling in person to a law firm, jurors simply log on and view digitally recorded presentations and answer detailed questionnaires. Our experts analyze the data and provide you with a detailed report that shows you what was successful, what was not, and the demographic profiles of the jurors most sympathetic to your side.

Q. How long does it take to complete a research project?
A. People tend to focus on the cost-savings of doing jury research in an online format. But the speed advantage is just as important. LookingGlass Juries can conduct an entire online jury project – start to finish – in as little as a week.

Q. Is the information secure?
A. Completely! We use the latest password-protected web technology to guarantee total security.

Q. Who provides the recording to be viewed?
A. We can digitally record the presentations from a script that is provided or you can provide recordings. Today’s video-over-the-web quality is so good and so economical that it essentially duplicates real world scenarios. It’s one of the key reasons online jury research is so viable today. So typically, attorneys will record themselves presenting various arguments to test which is most persuasive; or of their key experts testifying to see how credible they are; of their clients to test like ability; even of exhibits.

Q. Who develops the questionnaire?
A. One of real benefits of working with LookingGlass Juries is that you are tapping a team of national experts who have spent their careers analyzing and understanding juries and juror behavior. This team will help and consult at every stage of the project – from testing lines of your arguments, to constructing the questionnaire, to analyzing the results.

Q. How is recruitment of the online jurors done?
A. We assist you in determining the jurisdiction and the demographic pool needed using actual census data. We base our recruitment on a set of 7 characteristics – gender, age, race/ethnicity, income, education, employment status, and marital status to ensure a juror pool reflective of the actual venue. Then we use the same high standards and controls used for in-person studies including cross-checking credentials and using password protected access to the system. These are important measures critical to getting a representative sample and high quality results.

Q. Why not just do research over the phone?
A. Phone polling used to be an option, but has fallen out of favor for two key reasons. With the advent of Caller ID, it became nearly impossible to get through to most people. Second, even without Caller ID, many people simply stopped using their landline phones. Given those factors, phone surveys simply can’t reach a representative sampling of people.

Q. How much does online jury research cost?
A. Cost varies by project, but it is safe to say that online jury research is 50-75% less than traditional jury research.

Q. How do I know the results are accurate?
A. One of the key advantages of doing jury research online is that you can economically scale up the size of your pool of jurors – and the more people you test, the more accurate your results. LookingGlass Juries frequently polls upwards of 100 people for a typical research project, contrasted to the typical 12-13 people you get in a traditional mock jury.