WHO'S USING LookingGlass Juries

“I wanted to test my arguments fast. Contacted LookingGlass Juries on a Monday, got results that I used to refine my discovery efforts by Thursday – the same week.”

WHO'S USING LookingGlass Juries

“By doing my jury research with an online panel, I got exactly what I needed for less than half the cost. They settled within 24 hours after I mentioned that I had conducted jury research in the arbitration hearing.”


“I used the LookingGlass Juries tool for classic jury profile research – to seat the best jury possible for my client. The advantage I saw was that I could poll a far larger group – 100+ in my case – and do more with the data.”


“I had a high stakes patent case where I wanted to test the likeability and credibility of my key expert. Sent a video of her to an online panel, and hired her based on the results. Turned out great for my client.”

Welcome to the future of jury Research!

LookingGlass Juries is the legal profession’s leading provider of online jury research. It delivers all the benefits of traditional jury research – and many more – but at a fraction of the cost.

A highly effective alternative to costly traditional jury research.

Instead of the steep, out-of-pocket expenses involved with empanelling a mock jury – complete with travel, location and associated costs – LookingGlass Juries conducts all the research in a secure online environment using the latest web technology. It can poll many more people, get accurate, actionable results much faster, and give you deep, rich analysis of both the responses and respondents that reveal where your best opportunities exist.

About Us

Conceived and created by attorneys and jury research experts, LookingGlass Juries is the legal profession’s leading provider of online jury research. Founded and staffed by a nationally recognized team of jury research experts working on high profile trials in the areas of case analysis, jury selection, venue analysis, attorney training, witness preparation and more.

Our Services

Case Evaluation and Risk Assessment Research

Testing Case Themes and Strategies

Venue Evaluation

Jury Profiling Study

Visual/Exhibit Testing

Mock Trial

What Clients Say

LookingGlass Juries provides an innovative, quick, and financially feasible way to reach a broad audience about any topic. The results were unexpected at times, which made the exercises much more worthwhile.

LookingGlass Juries is an essential tool for accurate, quick and cost-effective assessment of cases of any size.

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