The top four benefits of online jury research

1. Bigger jury pools: Draw from a broader range of people to get more accurate results
LookingGlass Juries lets you get extremely specific with your research because it can draw from many, many more recruits. Instead of 12-13 people typically used in a mock jury, you can cost-effectively poll 50, 100, 200 or more online jurors. So you can get as granular as requesting, “I need six 30-something women, all college graduates, single, with an income of $50k; plus six married African American males, also college graduates with an income of $75k or more.”

Put together a jury based on your best hunches, then run a stream of recorded arguments by it. Or record your key expert and see how she plays out. Are there differences in venues? Find out. Are there limits to the damages you can go after? Find the ceiling.

LookingGlass Juries gives you information you can act on. Find out what a representative set of jurors think about your arguments, witnesses, and damages enabling you to reach an outcome that’s optimum for your client.

2. Save serious money, get equal or better information
Online research, even though it polls far more people, is by conservative estimates at least half the cost of traditional jury research. Yet with advances in web technology and video costs and quality, you are essentially getting a near real-world scenario. Meetings are happening over the web. Commerce is conducted. Depositions are streamed live via the net. Why not jury research? The time and technology are right.

3. Access to proven expertise
LookingGlass Juries has access to the nation’s leading jury research experts. They consult with you at every step of the process – from juror selection to a deep analysis of the results that reveal where your best opportunities – and greatest challenges – lie.

4. Speed
Online jury research can be completed in days, start to finish.