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How are legal professionals using LookingGlass Juries

Because it’s so affordable, LookingGlass Juries expands the reach of jury research beyond big ticket cases, class actions and complex litigation. Attorneys are using LookingGlass Juries for a wider range of issues, including smaller dollar-value cases. And they’re leveraging LookingGlass Juries technology for other phases of case prepa ration, including to:

Test a variety of legal arguments, not just one. You can record several distinct story lines to see what resonates best. Test out all your approaches to see if any of them work – before you invest serious time and resources in a case.

Explore venues – what venues are best for your side?

Test your experts – they may have sterling credentials, but how do they play in front of a jury? What kind of jurors find them likeable, credible? Or are they great on paper, deadly in person?

Determine how your “clients fare in front of” “jury – they may have an actionable claim, but certain arguments do not ring true. Can your case be saved by seating the right jurors?”

Assess damage awards for your fact profile – you can determine with confidence the right amount of damages to expect for your facts in your jurisdiction. For plaintiffs, it means getting the best settlement for your client. For defense, it means getting to a realistic number more efficiently, with far less back and forth.